15 February 2006


LP Somerset SF-13300 (c. 1958-59)
Here is volume 2 with Skip Martin conducting this big
band, in the same style as volume 1 - a lot of percussion!


Phil Musical said...


i have discovered right now your blog and i'm very excited!!! I love the Command series albums, bt your shares are different and hard to find!!!! Congratulations!!!! I have linked you from my Spanish lounge blog. Can you link me too?
i'm gonna listen to skip martin albums in few seconds!!! THANKS VERYVERY much!

Zarville said...

Thank you very much Phil for your nice words and good luck with your blog! I have put you too in my links now.

QQF resident said...

I want to join the others in complementing you on a smashing blog. All your shares are wonderfully groovy :)

The second thing I’d like to say, I don’t know how to say exactly. Because when you share, it’s very generous. So please! don’t understand this as a complaint: however upon ripping from vinyl a lot of sound quality risk getting lost, but the higher the bitrate the more audio fullness one gets. Your last couple of shares really have an improved sound, but if I could offer kind advice I’d recommend no lower than 192 kbps to avoid that thin shimmering sound vinyl rips sometimes result in. Again I’d like to emphasise the generosity in vinyl sharity and complement you on your lovely selections - I mean this part of my response in a kind way.

Lastly, with shares like these ones your blog will surely become very popular! Congratulation :)

Zarville said...

Hi "qqf" and thanks - you're right about the bitrate and I've already planned to use higher quality...

Sr. Mexicant said...

all your shares are excellent
thank you
si senorr!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't download Perspectives in Percussion. Is there a problem with the site that will be fixed soon?