1 March 2006

STEREO SPECTACULAR - With Mallets Aforethought

LP Fontana (1962)

A very playful, small group percussion album

1. I want to be happy
2. The third man theme
3. Race to midnight
4. Little rock getaway
5. Bilbao-song
6. Alabamy bound
7. Whistling Rufus

1. Goofus
2. Mailing Spain
3. Stompin' at the Savoy
4. Adios mariquita linda
5. Rinka drink
6. Perfidia


QQF resident said...

Very fun and groovy - and as you say: playful. And if I could I'd take that sleeve out on a date. Yummy!

Sr. Mexicant said...

thanks for the great music (again)

si senoorrr!!

Ben T. said...

Heck! I'd take the paper sleeve liner out on a Date!

Great Fun. Having grown up sitting at the back of the orchestra playing the drums and feeling like a red-headed stepchild having to play the easy compositions they make for school orchestras, I'm a sucker for these old albums that make the percussionists the star.

litlgrey said...

What a delightful site you have here!

Paul F. said...

This album is so much fun. Thanks for the fab post. I love the cover too..