4 May 2006


LP Musidisc 30 CV 1219

If you like bossa nova, I'm sure you'll like this
instrumental album which is full of standards,
played by Mickey Baker on guitar with orchestra


QQF resident said...

Sorry if I'm becoming a regular in the comment section, but I had to say this is a beautiful and sophisticatedly groovy share - and say thank you for it. I'm a sucker for this sort of music.

brainwerk said...

Good stuff! Thanks!

Lazar said...

Thanks for the link Balthazar :)

Did you fancy something from my blog?

organman said...

Although the cover scan says Stereo, these tracks seem to be in mono.

julioxo said...

Thanks for the music

Zarville said...

STEREO or MONO - I've listened to the record again and maybe it is mono (or a bad stereo) but there ain't no wrong with my cables, luckily enough.

EndlessMike said...

Mmm... this looks great. Thanks!

Justin said...

Hi Zarville-
Is there any way you could post the Mickey Baker "Bossa Nova!"LP again? I'm listening to all the Mickey Baker I can find, and this looks wonderful.
Great Blog!