28 July 2006


LP Regal SREG-2005 (1960)

Side A:
1. That's Paris - 2. Under the roofs of Paris - 3. Le Lido
4. Montparnasse - 5. Under the bridges of Paris
6. Midnight in Montmartre - 7. The secrets of the Seine
8. Under Paris skies
Side B:
1. Mes Champs Elysées - 2. Song from the Moulin Rouge
3. Folies bergere - 4. The pavements of Pigalle - 5. Chez moi
6. Mam'selle - 7. Autumn leaves - 8. The last time I saw Paris

16 track-LP with piano in the foreground and orchestra
with strings and some reeds in the background - that's Paris!


mel said...

Lovely music - just what the doctor ordered.

Do you have any more like this?

Many thanks for sharing it with us.

zecalouro said...


Nice Blog. Congratulations.


xulio said...

Thanks for the music

RangeRaver said...

top class! -
come visit me RR

cocktailcabana said...

Thanks alot! I was wondering if I could get the track listing because my computer deleted the names of the songs. PLEASE?!

Zarville said...

No problems, done!

Anonymous said...

hello Zarville,Im sorry,Tony Osborne's albums link is dead:((((can you help me please?I want this albüm for you,please..thank you..ironhunter73@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dear Zarville,Tony osborne's link is dead :(((

Vinyl Room said...

Sorry but the link is gone again.


Balthazar said...

Yes it is, but it is also re-uploaded here:

Vinyl Room said...


Yes I found that not long after I had posted the comment, thanks for your reply.