7 August 2006

SHADOW OF LOVE - Evergreen Party

LP Amadeo AVRS-9244

Toni Sulzböck, swing-zither with Studioband
1. Begin the beguine / 2. Cheek to cheek
3. Somebody loves me / 4. Tea for two / 5. Smoke gets in your eyes
6. Ein schiff wird kommen (Never on sunday)
1. Ramona / 2. Wenn der weiße flieder wieder blüht
3. Midnight in Moscow / 4. I could have danced all night / 5. I love Paris
6. Lili Marleen


Licorice Pizza said...

WoW easy sharing was great and fast! I will have to check it out for the future when RS payment peters out. Thanks for th great music. I am amazed at the sound quality and clarity of your music. A tip of the hat to you for you diligence in posting such great quality!

Zarville said...

Thank you & nice to hear it works!

mel said...

I'm sorry, but despite licorice pizza's enthusiasm for easy-sharing, I tried twice to download this post (once yesterday, and again just now); I was unsuccessful at dl'ing the whole LP - I got an "unexepected end of archive" report both times and all I got were tracks 5 - 11. Neither did I find it that fast.

I shrug my shoulders...

litlgrey said...

I used WinRAR to extract the archive rather than WinZip, after a couple of failures - WinRAR said that tracks 1-4 were corrupt, however it did let me have tracks 5-10... that'd be everything from "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" onward. Just like Mel got.

Licorice Pizza said...

Just did get around to unpacking this one and went back to easy share to DL again. It was fast and easy. However I did get the same end result as Mel and LittleGrey, first 4 tracks kaput!

I still hold that your posts have awesome sound quality. Even the 6 tracks that did get through. LP

Zarville said...

OK, now there is also a rapidshare link to choose, while I'm thinking about the best alternative...

litlgrey said...

That Rapidshare one is fine - you get everything!

Thanks very much for the extra effort... on top of the original effort... and the effort before that... and the one before that... :-)

julioxo said...

Thanks for good post Zarville at