11 September 2008

*Re-uploaded!* - BONGOS / REEDS / BRASS - Vol. 2

Harry Zimmerman
Big Band

LP Hifi / Life Series L-1002 (1961)

>>> http://sharebee.com/72a3b9c8


doug said...

Thank you so much for this post, I used to have the LP (volume 1 also) in my record collection, all of which is lost now. I will enjoy this again.

Zarville said...

That was too bad, but hopefully my rip will do instead!

doug said...

This is an excellant post, in fact one of the cleanest posts I have ever listened to. Thank you again, lots of memories came back with all the lower reeds in the recording.

Zarville said...

You're welcome, nice to hear that you appreciate it