14 December 2008


Guitar player from Denmark, played with Svend Asmussen as early as 1945
Jorgen Ingmann

LP Metronome MLP-15436 (1971)

Many visitors, many downloads, but very few comments. One of those small things a blogger want is some kind of response. A lot of work is behind every vinyl post - at least if it has good quality. I really enjoy to clean up a record and make it sounds as good as possible, but I believe it could have been a lot more funnier with just a little more appreciation. I also know that I can't demand anything, so I will continue - just as long as it's fun. Besides all that: hope you'll like this one!

11 December 2008

SAMBAS - Arthur Murray Favorites

Excellent orchestra, lively arranged by Madriguera on violin. I agree with Murray: it's a favorite!
Recordings from the 40's and the 50's
Enric Madriguera

2-EP Capitol EBF-260 (1951)
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7 December 2008


Easy listening goes wild west!
Some sources means that Kay Webb is a pseudonym for Frank Valdor

Kay Webb

LP Maritim 47039-NT (1974)