18 August 2009


Ray Eberle

LP Golden Tone C-4030 (1957)
ADDITION: According to the back cover text of this album -"Today, approximately 15 years after Army Air Force Major Miller disappeared in a flight over the English Channel" - it seems like this LP is from 1959 instead, since that was 1944.


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Corganoid said...

Cool! I just bought this LP a couple of days ago. There's a special place in my heart for Ray Eberle because he was born in my home town (the town in which I still live actually). My grandfather was a newspaper reporter and, when I was a kid, he would take me with him when he was researching a story. Anyway, my Grandad knew Ray Eberle quite well and was doing a story about him for the paper because was in town visitng some family (this was probably in 1977...not long before Ray's death) and he let me tag along. I met Ray and remember quite fondly the conversation he and my grandfather were having. They talked for hours about music, Glen Miller and all the big band greats. When the interview was over, Ray gave me one of his albums that he 'borrowed' from the person he was staying with while in town. I brought it home and listened to it right away...I was forever hooked on the big band sound! I still have the record that Ray Eberle gave me and I will always remember that day.

Balthazar said...

Really interesting contribution - thanks