7 September 2009

GO NATIVE - More Songs Of The South African Veld

Marais & Miranda

With Eric Robinson Orchestra

LP Kapp KS-3180 (1960)

Track 4 repaired HERE


Balthazar said...


litlgrey said...

Huzzah! An exceptionalistical offering. Ties in with their LP which was released in America as part of the SINGING SCIENCE series.

This whole seriers has been posted for years at:


Richard said...

This made my day! Thanks a bunch!

phantom of the radio said...

Incredible album ... from the very first song, i love it. Thanks a lot.

MC said...

So much fun!
So hard to find!
Thank you!

Lady Jane Wensleydale said...

Thanks so much for this. Unga Wena Wena is hysterical, and Rooster Chick has a sense of mystery. The Boating Chant is wonderful! Thanks for the memories.